Self-organizing – Provides simple installation, the nodes just have to be placed and they discover each other, and form a network with optimal communication routes.
Automatic error correction – The nodes periodically monitor their neighbours availability. If a node is unreachable they automatically rearrange communication routes.
Long-distance range – Utilizing the beneficial properties of the 433 MHz frequency band, RemoteSense has an outdoor range of up to 2 kilometers, which makes possible using fewer nodes to cover large areas.
Multihop data transmission – To propagate information to the center database, RemoteSense does not require equipping all nodes with GPRS modems. Instead, the nodes can send the data via each other to a local center. This approach can significantly reduce costs.
Energy efficiency – The system is optimized for operating with the least possible energy consumption, making it possible to operate for years with only a pair of batteries.
Security – The security of the network communication is achieved by the most modern cryptographic and authentication algorithms.
application areas
wireless smart metering
RemoteSense has the ability to connect to M-bus and impulse meters and send the measured data secured via it's wireless mesh network to the data center in the cloud. Moreover RemoteSense gives the control in your hands and enables two-way communication with the meters (e.g. alerting and interfering in case of emergency).
environmental monitoring
Various sensors can be connected to our nodes via their universal interface. The measured data is collected and can be aggregated to be as energy efficient as possible to operate for years on a pair of batteries. RemoteSense is an economical solution especially for hard to reach areas.
healthcare monitoring
RemoteSense devices can help doctors and nurses to monitor patients equipped with various sensors (location, temperature, pulse, etc) and alert in case of emergency to get treatment immediately.
intelligent outlets
Smart detection of the currently used devices gives a whole new experience with your home electric devices. Automatic alerts and tips for energy saving aids to minimize the electricity bill of your household.
factory monitoring
The tools equipped with RemoteSense nodes are able to send usage information like position, consumed energy, or even fault prediction by analyzing collected data and spotting anomalies.