RemoteSense is a wireless mesh networking techhology suitable for an array of applications from smart metering purposes to environmental monitoring, medical sensors, or automatization. The protocol uses industry standard secure multi-hop channels to propagate information to the server.

Compared to other standards the protocol stack remains lightweight in spite of the capabilities included. The protocol uses on-demand approach for data transmission, which minimizes management overhead.

RemoteSense provides built-in guarantees to ensure reliable information transfer. Due to the hierarchical network topology the solution is highly scalable.

Utilizing the advantages of 433 MHz frequency band, the range is six times better (indoor and outdoor) then other well-known technologies like Wi-Fi or ZigBee and has the advantage of better penetration through concrete and water.

Energy efficiency is a key factor in RemoteSense protocol; the devices remain in sleep mode as much as possible to maximize battery life, what can be measured in years.

technology specification
range: dynamically adjustable from 1 m to 2 km (indoor/outdoor: 2 floors / 2 km)
power: < 1 mW power draw
data rate: dynamically adjustable from 2.4 kbps to 57.6 kbps
frequency: 433.92 MHz (available worldwide)
signal propagation: penetrates walls, concrete, water
latency: few milliseconds
P2P messaging: yes
multi-hop support: yes
IPv4/IPv6 support: on gateway
security: 128-bit AES, pre-shared key